Waiheke High School Dive Trip
Students from Germany Fiona Helmke (left) and Joelle Tecle descend from the boat on an exploration dive. Photos Adam Whatton

The PADI Open Water Scuba Course has been a highlight for many Sea Sports students at Waiheke High School throughout the years. 

Scuba diving means discovering a whole new world. Seeing vibrant coloured fish, not on a hook and line but in their natural habitat, is a fantastic experience. The keenest fisherman could become a keener environmentalist because with diving you put on a different lens. 

Apart from the burst of bubbles as you exhale, it is silent. No words, no noise. Just your own thoughts. It’s a peaceful and relaxing experience for those of us who feel comfortable in the water. Floating over stunning reef structures you feel weightless as you peer into crevices and kelp forests looking for elusive sea creatures. In some of the best dive sites in the country such as the Poor Knights and Bay of Islands, the fish are just as curious about you as you are about them. The students at Waiheke High School are lucky enough to visit these dive sites and experience some of the best diving in the country. 

 Matthew Newcomb

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