Scores of commuters expressed outrage this month following Fullers’ switch to a restricted winter timetable which saw several sailings cut. 

Key peak travel services, including the 5.30pm from Auckland to Waiheke and the 6.30am sailing from Waiheke to the city, were left off the timetable, which came into effect last month. This resulted in public outcry and a local board request to reinstate critical sailings. 

Last week Fullers360 gave way to the pressure announcing that as of this Monday 19 April, the 5.30pm weekday sailing would restart. A 6.30pm sailing from Waiheke to Auckland was also added. Although the addition of these sailings makes a huge difference to many commuters, it’s too little too late for some with two other popular services – the 6.30am from Waiheke and the 4.30pm from Auckland still omitted. 

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