Healthy Waters Moa Ave Stormwater Assessment of Environmental Effects

A three and a half metre wide coastal outfall at Blackpool Beach, roadside swales and 330m of new stormwater pipeline under Moa Avenue is Healthy Waters’ proposed fix for flooding in Blackpool.

The Auckland Council department deals with stormwater infrastructure and has applied for resource consent for what is known as the Moa Avenue stormwater project. 

In March and April 2017, around 33 flooding issues were reported mainly from houses along Moa Ave, Nikau Road and Manuka Road and Healthy Waters has looked into a range of fixes.

A report for Healthy Waters states the flooding is due to issues including a lack of inletting and piped infrastructure, inadequate pipe capacity on existing stormwater pipes, and low-lying topography. It further states that the low elevation and flat topography reduces the performance of the existing stormwater system when rainfall events coincide with spring tides.

The proposed upgrade includes new stormwater pipeline along Moa Avenue to carry flood flows from the upper catchment area. The new pipeline would consist of 91m of 900mm diameter pipe and 230m of 1.35m diameter pipe. There would be six manholes along the pipeline, a Mega Pit catchpit would be installed outside 18 Moa Avenue, as well as a new inlet structure at 17 Moa Avenue. • Erin Johnson

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