This summer will see big changes to Waiheke’s ferry terminal area as major upgrades to the main wharf begin. Peter Rees Photography

Mātiatia’s main wharf, the second busiest in the Auckland region, could be out of action for up to two months this summer. Auckland Transport’s plan to improve the wharf includes replacing the old gangways, as well as the pontoon and hydraulic lifting systems infrastructure over six to eight weeks

The upgrades, which are likely to start on site in November, come four years after a detailed assessment of the main wharf. The 2017 Auckland Transport assessment indicated that elements of the wharf’s substructure were nearing the end of their life. 

Currently, engineers are checking the main wharf every two weeks, and an Auckland Transport spokesperson says that if they sight safety concerns, the main wharf will close immediately and all ferry services will move to the old wharf. 

The old wharf, built-in 1924, recently underwent upgrades to prepare for the six to eight-week summer period during which the main wharf will be out of action. Upgrades included float boxes at each end of the existing pontoon to increase buoyancy, a new platform and ramp structure to make the wharf safely accessible and four new concrete-filled steel piles embedded four meters into the underlying rock.• Sophie Boladeras

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