A lack of long-term parking at Kennedy Point is forcing people to look for other options resulting in frustrations and unauthorised threats of fines.

After he parked on the grass by the parking area on Donald Bruce Road, Dave Chant received a warning notice from Downer – a warning that Auckland Transport says he should never have received.

“My wife and I bought a small property at Palm Beach in 2015. Getting from Kennedy Point to there was difficult so we bought an ‘island car’ which we parked in the carpark. A few years ago the carpark was redesignated with a maximum 72-hour stay by Auckland Transport.”

Mr Chant says he then had to park on the grassy area, along with others in similar situations. On 4 July, a note from Downer (unsigned with no contact details) said he could longer park on the grass as of 11 July and would be fined if he did. •Sophie Boladeras

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