Waiheke residents are working to save a pod of dolphins that are stranded at Whakanewha. Although the earliest reports, from around 10.30am, said 19 dolphins were stuck on shore, by midday nine remained on the beach. Two have died, and the others were either successfully refloated or the pod’s numbers were initially miscounted.

Clarissa Mackay, who was the second person on the scene, is helping volunteers organise to keep the dolphins wet and as comfortable as possible. Clarissa is calling for more volunteers to come to Whakanewha with buckets to help bolster the human chains bringing water from the sea to the dolphins.

“Each dolphin has a carer at the moment, and it is important that people listen to them because they have been briefed on what the dolphins need.”

Clarissa says it is important, for safety, that volunteers remember not to touch or try to move the dolphins without proper supervision.

“If people could, we’re asking they also bring water bottles and food for the carers who aren’t getting any breaks.” Some of the carers have been working to save the remaining dolphins for over two hours.

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