Great racing between Lee Claxton and Jenna Harris. Photo Dianne Handyside

The first Waiheke Dirt Track race meeting for 2020 was a hit with our long-time regular visitor from the United Kingdom, Lee Claxton, racing in Jalopies.

In Jalopies, Jenna Harris won with 21 points in car 313 followed by Siep van Vliet in car 04 (17 points), Josh Harris in car 13 (10 points), Rob Marshall in car 67 (8 points), Scott Sweetman in car 12 (7 points), Tom McGuire in car 119 (4 points), and Lee Claxton in car 118 (1 point). 

Racing during Sunday’s meet was hard on the cars with the Silver Surfer Racers team on the track – Lee Claxton, Scott Sweetman, Rob Marshall. By round three, Lee and Tom’s cars needed repairs and after round four Josh’s car was out.  The last round nearly turned into a demolition derby with some good hits, Lee’s car finally dying and Jenna winning the race.

New junior on the track, Hunter Farquhar in car 45, got some great experience with Colin Coetzee as his mentor. •Dianne Handyside

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