Dinghy sailors beat rough weather. Photo Merrie Hewetson

The Waiheke Boating Club Shelly Beach dinghy sailing winter series blasted through last Sunday despite soggy conditions. Sunbursts, Lasers, Toppers and Optimists slogged it out in a decent northerly.

Jojo Tana tried his luck in port-tacking the fleet on the first start only to be told ‘what for’ by excited Sunburst helm Robin Kenyon. On board, young crews Theo Kenyon and Nick Hewetson revelled in the close combat and had cutlasses at the ready should the need for a boarding party arise. It didn’t – Jojo did his penalty turns and normal service was resumed.
Dave Walden and Dylan Forsyth took the lead and tried to cover Robin. Having none of it he tacked to clear and found better pressure to round in a lead which proved unassailable to the finish.

Race two saw the Lasers come into their own with Toby Gray walloping the fleet. Hats off to Joe Minto for his first ever Laser race and to master brewer Alex for buying his own swanky boat.

The post match function was made all the better for Annette’s sausage sizzle and Emily’s sandwiches. • Robin Kenyon

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