The kororā chick that’s come to be known as Te Morehu (or Cuzzy for short) has a toy with a squeeze box and a recorded penguin call, which is what has subsequently been found to trigger his feeding response.

Meet Te Morehu – a little baby blue penguin with a big mountain to climb and an even bigger message to deliver.

His name – given to him by sculptor Chris Bailey – literally means “the survivor” thanks to his tragic and adventurous start to life, but all those who are working to keep him safe, warm and well-fed at Waiheke’s Native Bird Rescue call him “Cuzzy”.

Cuzzy the kororā was left traumatised and alone last Friday when work to remove a shed in Enclosure Bay uncovered the nest he shared with his mother and sibling. NBR’s Karen Saunders takes up the story.

“I received a call from Monique Thom, who explained that the worker next door had been demolishing an old concrete shed floor and heard screaming.  Under the floor they found a family of two kororā chicks and a parent.  The parent was dead and one chick passed not long after.  This one we’ve named Te Morehu – or just Cuzzy –  was the only survivor.

James Belfield

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