Potters at the Catherine Mitchell Art Centre
Potters get their hands dirty and let their creativity fly. Photos Thamar Diaflara - The Green World

The Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre has been a hive of artistic industry for decades and this year marks 50 years since its benefactor’s death. Alex Stone goes in search of the story behind the centre and the philanthropist who made it all possible. 

The Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre in Ostend is marking a significant date on Saturday 24 August – the 50th anniversary of the passing of the visionary woman who founded this gathering place for arts and crafts people.

The centre will hold an open day on Saturday and people will be able to come and see the variety of activities that take place there. 

The depth of social capital is something that distinguishes New Zealand. In every community nationwide, there are people and organisations who contribute to a sense of sharing, and a richer life for all. The Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre is one such place on Waiheke.

For years, it has been a vibrant place, fostering creative and community activities. It’s been an integral part of the societal glue that holds Waiheke together. 

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