Save Kennedy Point Inc was back in the Environment Court last week as it continues its fight against the proposed marina at Kennedy Point.

Judge Laurie Newhook, with Commissioner Leijnen and Commissioner Buchanan, heard the group’s request for a rehearing of its appeal against the consent that Auckland Council granted for the proposed marina in May 2017. 

SKP and Ron Walden appealed the granting of consent and that appeal was heard in the Environment Court in February and March 2018. In August 2018 SKP filed a request for a rehearing of its appeal, alleging there was new and important evidence or a change in circumstances about who was the mandated party to be consulted about Māori cultural values and that the Court was allegedly mistaken or misled on those issues. 

A dispute between Ngāti Paoa Trust Board and Ngāti Paoa Iwi Trust as to which entity has the mandate to represent Ngāti Paoa iwi on matters relating to the Resource Management Act is simultaneously before the Māori Land Court. Auckland Council and Kennedy Point Boatharbour Ltd had consulted with the Iwi Trust with regards to cultural concerns around the proposed marina, but not the Trust Board. • Erin Johnson

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