Santino Escolme-Pillado

Students from Te Huruhi School spent three days at Camp Adair in the Hunua Ranges to round off the school year.

Arriving at camp, the students soon settled into the first of three days away from home by getting their dorms ready. It was soon evident how this first activity was going to build teams and a sense of competition by trying to keep them tidy and organised.

The children then entered into a rotation of three days’ fun. The confidence course tested their ability to work as a team but to get as muddy as they could. Other activities such as raft-building and the crate challenge tested the physical and mental ability of the students as well as developing leadership skills and qualities.

Students also tested their accuracy with archery and learnt how to cook on an open fire.
As always it was activities such as the high beam the pamper pole and the Super Fox which made the headlines as our children battled with nerves when climbing very high.

Other favourites were the campfire where we sang our favourites and the mudslide – great for cooling down with a thrill on a very hot day.

On behalf of Te Huruhi School, we would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered to reduce their sleep intake and take our wonderful tamariki on an experience they will remember forever. • Phil Wainwright

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