Changing tack: Mike goes solo for Kate explorations


What do you do when your winter plans to explore Britain’s waterways on a canal barge are scuppered by pandemic lockdowns?

If you are Mike Delamore you come up with an even bolder project, like buy a yacht and sail single-handed around New Zealand to raise money for Waiheke Working Sail.

The seasoned sailor, who also runs Fossil Bay Farm, has already found the perfect yacht – 34-foot steel sloop Cavatina – and he’s ready to set sail in the second week of September (weather permitting).

It is anticipated the voyage will take around three weeks, with Mike covering an estimated 2500 miles.

The preferred route to take advantage of weather patterns will be up round North Cape and down the West Coast to Fiordland then through Foveaux Strait and up the East Coast and round East Cape.

Mike has more than 20 years maritime experience and more than 50,000 miles sailed at sea from Antarctic to Alaska; valuable practice he wants to see extended to Waiheke youth.

He plans to use the trip to raise awareness and funds for Waiheke Working Sail Charitable Trust to complete the restoration of the historic trading cutter Kate as a youth training sea vessel. • Liza Hamilton

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