Candidates for the Waitematā and Gulf Ward answer questions on key local issues ahead of the Auckland Council local elections. Voting closes at midday on Saturday 8 October.

This week’s questions for the Ward are: 

1. What experience from your personal or professional life will you bring to the table? 

2. Do you think young people have enough support on the island? What youth-focused initiatives would you suggest to improve on that? 

3. Waiheke has been advocating for six years, at least, to have more local decision-making. What is one area you’d particularly like to work on? (i.e. conservation, visitor industry, community pools…) 

4. What can the council and local board do to support Waiheke business in a post-pandemic recovery?

Pippa Coom

1. If re-elected I will be building on three years of service as your Waitematā and Gulf ward councillor,  co-chair of the Hauraki Gulf Forum and, prior to that, nine years on the Waitematā Local Board. I have the essential experience of working with the local board, mana whenua and the wider community to continue delivering for Waiheke.

2. There is a greater need to support young people following the challenges of lockdowns and Covid restrictions. I support the local board funding youth-focused initiatives based on local knowledge and experience of what will work best.

3. I will ensure that the Governance Framework Review delivers more local decision-making to local boards and an equitable share of resources. I would particularly like to see the council provide sustainable funding to the Waiheke Community Art Gallery because of its cultural and economic benefits, locally and wider.

4. Working with the local board, the council can support Waiheke business in a variety of ways including funding events, providing business support and training through Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, and streamlining application processes.  Businesses will also benefit from council investment in public facilities, affordable housing, reduced public transport fares and the Living Wage for council staff and contractors.

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