Work carried out to fix the footpath in Alison Park has included new barriers to stop vehicles entering the reserve.

The footpath was badly cracked and broken and prone to water pooling during wetter months, says Auckland Council head of operational management and maintenance Agnes McCormack.
The works – which took place at the end of November – included adding culverts at low points to reduce ponding on and around the footpath and strengthening sections of the footpath to reduce the risk of cracking. 

The park’s facelift had attracted much online commentary about the choice to spend money on the footpath while other nearby roads – notably the well-trodden tourist route from Oneroa and Matiatia towards Cable Bay and Mudbrick – remained untouched. 

“Bollards were also installed to discourage unauthorised vehicular access which may cause damage to the path and grass areas,” says Ms McCormack. •

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