Bic Runga and bassist Cas Basil performed a number of new and old songs with drummer Scotty Pearson. Photos Graham Hooper and Sophie Boladaris

Bic Runga wowed Waiheke with all of her biggest hits on Saturday 12 January at Goldie Estate. 

“I remember when I started performing, I had one song and one album, but now it’s pretty cool to play all these songs that people know,” she says. 

The crowd of more than 1000 got to sing along to popular hits like Winning Arrow, Something Good, Listening for the Weather and Get Some Sleep. 

Award-winning songwriter and musician Lawrence Arabia opened the event and later joined Bic on stage for the first time to perform This Girl’s Prepared for War, which they co-wrote.

The spectacular day concluded with Bic performing Sway followed by encore song Gravity before chatting to and taking pictures with fans. • Sophie Boladeras

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