Winner of Gulf News Cu
Reporter Sophie Boladeras with winner of Gulf News Cup Wolfa Fries. Photo Peter Rees

The 2019 Onetangi Beach races saw many contestants gallop, run and motor to victory. Emma Hedley took out the Kidz Kartz scoring first place, followed closely by Katelyn Veacock in second, then Luca Vodanovich in third. 

Sacha Thomas won the first horse race of the day, Tory O’Brian came in second and Jemma Walden third.

Anthony Broatch took out the Segway race, Ray Begg won heat one of the tractor race, and Charlie Walsh was victorious in heat two and as the overall tractor race champion. 

The second Kidz Kart race took place at 11.30am, and Katelyn Veacock won followed by Tiffany Winsloe and Qijana Currie. In the Gulf News cup at 11.45am, Wolfa Fries galloped to victory followed by Lachla, then Tabea Foerster in third. 

Jemma Walden took out the Fullers Cup, and Holly Moir came in second and Vita Spurdle third. The Sealink Cup was awarded to talented rider Sacha Thomas, in second place was Brya Lowry-Thomas, followed by Narissa Edwards-Hunter. 

Katelyn Veacock was again victorious in the third Kidz Kart race, she was followed closely by Emma Hedley and Luca Vodanovich. Sarah Massam took out the Heke horse race, second was Sarah Cavey and third Narissa Edwards-Hunter. 

Finally, the Onetangi Cup was awarded to Sacha Thomas. Wolfa Fries came second followed by Jemma Walden. •

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