Lovers of crafts, art and good wine have a workshop specially designed for them at Goldie Estate. Next Saturday 1 July at 1.30pm, the Brushes and Bubbles workshop will consist of a two-hour step-by-step acrylic workshop run by Waiheke artist Daisy Saaiman, while also tasting the Waiheke vineyard’s wine and food.

Daisy says the workshop is for all types of artists, from beginners to the more experienced. “First I have to converse with the students to know at what level they are. Normally winery classes are more light-hearted, where people expect to have some fun. I want to make sure they do something where they can have a glass of wine and walk away with something they really like,” says Daisy.

Daisy was born in Kroonstad in South Africa and studied art at the Technicon of the Orange Free State, majoring in printmaking and ceramics. In 2013 Daisy moved to Waiheke with her family. A year later, she opened her studio Daisyland to the public while exhibiting on the island and at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

The South African artist says that because Brushes and Bubbles is a one-day workshop, there is a theme for the day and aim to make one artwork to be completed on the day.

“It’s a pretty fast-paced course, and it’s pretty structured. Still, there’s definitely room for a lot of creativity,” she says.

Daisy has been on the island for 10 year  and has worked with the Ostend Gallery since 2018. Two years ago, she joined the Vine Art crew.

The Vine Art project was created to provide visitors and Waiheke residents with an opportunity to explore their creativity through guided workshops, while also enjoying the island’s scenery, renowned wine and food.

“I think we can all paint and it’s about choosing the things that you love and the colours,” says Daisy.

The Bubbles and Brushes course costs $155 and includes a glass of Goldie Estate’s signature wine upon arrival and shared cheese board platters. All materials for the class are provided. To book email Tanya at • Silvia Massa

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