KP occupiers Taimana Allies-Calvert, Emily Weiss, Warren Matehaere and Karla Allies have been on site for almost a month. Photo Sophie Boladeras

It’s been almost a month since Emily Weiss (Ngāti Pāoa) left her Auckland home and deferred her master’s degree to oppose the development of a marina at Kennedy Point full time. 

One day the speech and language therapy student was at university holding a human brain in her hand and learning to identify its different sections. The next, she was on the beach at Putiki Bay with enough time on her hands to spread a message of environmental protection, respect and kaitiakitanga.

Just last week, Emily spoke at the Waiheke Local Board’s March business meeting, calling for the board to take a formal stance on the situation.

“I’m here speaking as a member of Ngāti Pāoa and for the rangatahi onsite at Kennedy Point to protect it against the proposed marina.

“I want to update you on our kaupapa. Members of Ngāti Pāoa iwi have been here for 16 days. We have all made huge sacrifices in order to be here uniting with the existing opposition that many people on Waiheke have.”

Emily went on to tell board members, several of whom have visited the peaceful protestors at Putiki Bay, how the community is supporting the occupation.

“Every meal is cooked by a local. People have supplied gazebos and a caravan. We have had hundreds of conversations and people are regaining faith now that iwi have come on board.” • Sophie Boladeras

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