$1 lease decision delayed as competitors try to work together


    Two not-for-profit groups, each vying to lease the recently renovated Old Surfdale Post Office, are now working together in the hopes of collaboration. A decision on the lease was delayed for a second time at the September board meeting to give the groups – Waiheke Connect and Te Rito (the Hope Centre), time to find a way forward.

    Three parties came together to develop the Te Rito application – Waiheke Hope Centre, Ki Waiheke Hapu and Aroha Tours, and at the August board meeting members of Te Rito expressed concern that their application was not adequately considered. Waiheke Hope Centre emergency accommodation coordinator Wiremu Te Taniwha said he was disappointed that only Waiheke Connect was included on the board’s agenda. Now, however, he’s looking ahead.

    “I was concerned with the whole leasing process, but we want a peaceful resolution,” says Wiremu.

    “We both provide different services in the community, and if we combine forces, we are going to reach more people. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

    Sophie Poelman and Emily King of Waiheke Connect, which is a network of around 90 professionals who meet up to connect, learn and co-work, say the group is disappointed that the decision on the sought-after $1 lease was again deferred. • Sophie Boladeras

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