From the Showteam Showcase held earlier in June. Photo Lenka Tengblad

For the first time, a troupe of dancers from local dance school Louise Emma Academy of Dance (LEAOD) will compete in the National Young Performers Competition.

“The students were just over the moon. Going to nationals has been the ultimate goal for some of them,” says Louise Callin, principal of the dance academy. “It’s an amazing opportunity.”

The senior team of seven dancers aged 13 to 22 will perform their contemporary dance Veins at the competition in Palmerston North in October. It was a great hit when it was performed at the recent Showteam Showcase.

In the troupe are Manon Humphrey, Mac Sutherland, Kayla Hamilton, Tara Lewis-Beolens, Heather-Jean Girvan, Ruby Altman and Summer Elvy, stepping in for Olivia Bosselmann who is unable to go.

“We’re hoping to go to Palmerston North from Thursday to Monday, so we can watch some of New Zealand’s best dancers,” Louise says. She emphasises the teambuilding that can be done on a trip like this, but admits it is expensive.

The dance students and their families are trying to raise around $5000 for the trip, which would cover the costs of entry fees, accommodation and flights for the students as well as some of the parents.

An incorporated society has been formed to support performance dancers from Waiheke and its first project is to support these students in their fundraising.

“We have put it to the dancers themselves to do some of the fundraising, so they are doing raffles in school and so on,” chairman Lynn Humphrey says, “but if there are residents who would like to make a donation, that would be much appreciated.

“They’re not just performing for themselves. They are fantastic representatives for Waiheke youth”

Donations can be made to ASB account number 12-3114-0131635-50. For more information, contact Lynn at • Emma Haas

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