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The local paper run is back! Get the latest issue of Gulf News delivered straight to your doorstep by signing up for our paper delivery via the online form below. If you’re not a Waiheke resident, you can sign up for our mailbox delivery to ensure you receive a copy of Gulf News wherever you are in New Zealand.

After submitting the sign up form, one of our staff will get back to you in two to three business days to confirm your registration and process payment – no personal banking details are collected by the form below. If you haven’t heard back or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at (09) 372 5055 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

  • A contact phone number is required to confirm your details and payment.
  • Please select your preferred delivery type and how long you'd like to sign up for. If you do not live on Waiheke, please select one of our Mail options. Unfortunately, we do not offer three month delivery via mail at this time.