Gulf News has asked candidates for the Waiheke Local Board a series of questions about how they work, their goals and their opinions on key local issues. In the weeks before the Auckland Council elections we publish their answers to new questions in each issue.

This week’s questions Waiheke locWaihekefor the board candidates are: 

1. The Waiheke Local Board is only allocated use of 20 percent of rates raised on the island. Would you support initiatives to increase the discretionary share of rates available to local boards? 

2. The building consents process has been criticised as slow, unnecessarily complex and expensive. Do you feel the current process is fit for purpose? How do you think it could be improved? 

3. Do you support the wine industry on Waiheke, and how would you show that support? 

4. How would you manage the balance between the community’s quality of life, the environment and the needs of the tourism industry? Do you think visitor numbers should be capped?

Cath Handley

1. Yes I’m in favour of maximising local spend though local decision-making. I’ve been working hard for that at every opportunity by sitting on council’s Joint Governance Working Party.   The Governing Body just supported our recommendation to make significant changes in local board discretion in decision-making. 

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